LeMieux Loire Satin Fly Hood

LeMieux Loire Satin Fly Hood


Loire Fly Hood

Supporting the signature LeMieux Loire embossed metal motif these luxurious fly hoods are a stylish addition to the collection. Beautifully made from three-way hand knitted crochet with a luxurious satin fabric front piece and soft stretch Lycra ears.

  • Size: Large
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Size Guide

Fitting: Ensure that fly hoods are the right size for your horse and correctly fitted and secure. In rare cases, dependent on the style & fit of your bridle, it may be necessary to use plaiting thread to attach the hood to the top of the mane or throat lash. However, the majority of horses fit LeMieux fly hoods with their three-way crochet, without the need for additional attachment.

Info & Care

LeMieux Washing Instructions

Machine washable at a low temperature (preferably 30 degrees).
A washing tablet/capsule can be used..
Air dry near a heat source, never tumble dry.

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