EquiSupreme Haemo-Booste Gel


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Equisupreme Haemoboost is a complex amino acid, vitamin and mineral supplement to help promote racing/competition, performance, endurance, recovery and health.

Use half a syringe (30ml) 24 hours before a race/competition and half a syringe (30ml) on race/competition day about 4 – 5 hours before the race/competition for optimal energy producing potential.

Following a race/competition, give half a syringe (30ml) daily for two days to replace essential substances lost through the stresses of racing/competition.

Two dosages per syringe.

Sizes: Twin pack of 60ml per syringe.

Guaranteed Analysis per 60ml
Vitamin B12 150µg
Vitamin B2 10mg
Nicotinic Acid 100mg
Choline Chloride 10mg
Inositol 10mg
Vitamin B6 10mg
d-Pantothenic Acid 15mg
Biotin 10µg
L-Lysine HCl 20mg
DL-Methionine 20mg
DL Glycine 20mg
Iron (as organic iron) 4.1mg
Copper (as organic copper) 26µg
Cobalt (as organic cobalt) 80.5µg
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