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Promix EM Probiotic is a naturally fermented liquid probiotic utilising “effective micro-organisms”. The microbes in EM are non-harmful, non-pathogenic, not genetically- engineered or modified, are not chemically-synthesized and are biodegradable. Promix EM technology is a “premium” probiotics, which are typically lactic acid bacteria in high dosages. EM comprises an entire consortium of the exact same microbes that animals would naturally receive.

Correct EM-probiotic dosage will greatly optimize:

  • Maximum digestive efficiency;
  • Improved feed conversion ratio;
  • Quality of developing bone;
  • Maintaining healthy body weight;
  • Maximising the immune system;
  • Combating illness and ailments.

Bacteria Specie List:

  • Bifidobacterium animalis subsp.lactis;
  • B.bifidum;
  • B.longum;
  • Bacillus subtilis;
  • Lactobacilius acidophilius;
  • L. buchneri;
  • L. casol;
  • Lactococcus lacti ssp;
  • Lactis biovar diacetylactis;
  • L lactis;
  • Lactobacilius fementum;
  • L. plantarum and Streptococcus thermophilius.


  • Purified/structured water;
  • Organic Sugar Cane Molasses;
  • Lactic Acid Cultures;
  • Mineral Powder;
  • Sea Salt;
  • Juice concentrates;
  • Rice Bran Liquid Extract.
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1L, 500ml, 5L

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